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Our vision is to make full use of IT technologies such as AI to give young people all over the world a free lifestyle and courage, regardless of country, race, religion etc.

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About Tlece

Across mountains, across oceans, across borders, walk the world, work the world. We are a bird that flaps its wings freely. Open the door and spread its wings wide Let's take off!

Video business cards! Let's promote you “yourself” to the world.

AI Job Matching! I'm sure there is someone somewhere in the world who will look out for me. If there's a city you want to visit. Just tap to meet people who will invite you to their town.

Remote interview feature! "Don't know what they say? Don't worry, the god of words will give you a message Turn it into languages of the world. And of course, to you! The message will come. (Minute feature)

Once the invitations arrive, Get your tickets and get going. Good Luck!

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